Cyrano Agency

Film Review: Cyrano Agency (2010) by Kim Hyun-seok

2020.08.14 21:24 PKotzathanasis Film Review: Cyrano Agency (2010) by Kim Hyun-seok

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2020.06.30 16:29 Fun65Turnip [ss501fansubs] Dating Agency: Cyrano 2013 1080p WEBDL [Arabic Subtitle]

[ss501fansubs] Dating Agency: Cyrano 2013 1080p WEBDL [Arabic Subtitle]
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2020.06.30 16:13 Fun65Turnip Dating Agency Cyrano 2013 1080p WEBDL

Dating Agency Cyrano 2013 1080p WEBDL
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2020.06.30 15:44 Terrible544Point DOWNLOAD LINK:[ss501fansubs] Dating Agency: Cyrano 2013 1080p WEBDL [Arabic Su...

[ss501fansubs] Dating Agency: Cyrano 2013 1080p WEBDL [Arabic Subtitle]
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2020.06.30 15:29 Terrible544Point DOWNLOAD LINK: Agency Cyrano 2013 1080p WEBDL

Dating Agency Cyrano 2013 1080p WEBDL
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2020.06.26 19:34 Calm-Taro What kdramas are worth adding to my list?

Hi! I’m having a hard time trying to decide what kdrama to watch next. Please give me some of your recommendations! (Also note: If you’re gonna recommend, I normally don’t watch ongoing dramas unless they’re SUPER GOOD bc I’m impatient like that lmao)
I don’t really have a specific genre(s) as long as it’s good! But hopefully you can recommend some romcoms, light, or slice of life dramas to cheer us all up from the quarantine slump. Thank you :D
Edit: I’ve included a list of dramas I’ve watched!
  1. when the camellia blooms
  2. the world of the married
  3. kingdom s1 & 2
  4. hospital playlist
  5. still 17
  6. extracurricular
  7. the great seducetempted
  8. radio romance
  9. welcome to waikiki 1 & 2
  10. i am not a robot
  11. lawless lawyer
  12. what’s wrong with secretary kim?
  13. my id is gangnam beauty
  14. romantic doctor kim 1 & 2
  15. skycastle
  16. secret queen makers
  17. romance is a bonus book
  18. love alarm
  19. hotel del luna
  20. doctor stranger
  21. a-teen s1 & 2 (web drama)
  22. crash landing on you
  23. itaewon class
  24. touch your heart
  25. remember: war of the son
  26. dream high 1
  27. boys over flowers
  28. she was pretty
  29. doctors
  30. goblin
  31. descendants of the sun
  32. signal
  33. the heirs/inheritors
  34. my love from the star
  35. legend of the blue sea
  36. weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
  37. strong woman do bong soon
  38. my girlfriend is a gumiho
  39. missing you
  40. playful kiss
  41. two mothers
  42. father is strange
  43. fight for my way
  44. uncontrollably fond
  45. the producers
  46. scarlet heart: ryeo
  47. the k2
  48. school 2015
  49. school 2017
  50. bring it on, ghost
  51. w: two worlds
  52. while you were sleeping
  53. persona
  54. cheer up!/sassy go go
  55. dating agency: cyrano
  56. my secret romance
  57. reply 1988
  58. reply 1997
  59. page turner
  60. seven first kisses
  61. master of study
  62. come back ahjussi
  63. solomon’s perjury
  64. class of lies
  65. missing 9
  66. my first first love s1
  67. yellow (web drama)
  68. love playlist (web drama)
  69. my first first love s2 (dropped)
  70. the liar and his lover (dropped)
  71. about time (dropped)
  72. cheese in the trap (dropped)
  73. blood (dropped)
  74. to the beautiful you (dropped)
  75. love in the moonlight (dropped)
  76. angry mom (dropped)
  77. bad thief, good thief (dropped)
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2019.03.18 15:07 ordinaryguy92 Kim Min-Jae confirmed to star in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”

On March 18, Stone Music Entertainment revealed, “Kim Min-Jae (The Great Seducer, The Best Hit) will be playing the lead role in JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.'”
The drama will tell the story of a king who makes a request to Joseon’s best dating agency “Flower Crew” to protect his first love. Upon his request, the matchmakers at the agency risk their own lives to transform the lowly woman Gae Ddong into the most noble woman. It is based on a book series of the same name, and the drama is also known as the Joseon version of the 2013 drama “Dating Agency: Cyrano".
Previously Wanna One ex-member Park Ji-hoon and Seo Ji-hoon (Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter) received offers to star in the drama, and both actors are positively considering the offers. It is also revealed that actor Byun Woo-Suk (Live Up To Your Name, Dear My Friends) also received offer to star in the drama. He is also currently reviewing the offer positively.
“Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” is scheduled to start filming next month and planned to be broadcast in September 2019.
Source: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
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2017.05.07 14:13 k-dramalover HELP ME

i need dramas with like a cute lighthearted feel. i've already watched weightlifting fairy kim bok joo she was pretty heartsrings introverted boss something about 1% strong woman do bong soon i'm currently watching playful kiss and boys over flowers but if you notice i like the setting where the guy is more well known than the girl, it just amuses me more, so please help me and i've been recommended Sassy Go Go Warm And Cozy Splash Splash Love Marriage Not Dating Dating Agency : Cyrano and Oh My Venus
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2017.04.15 18:20 damnitalawyer Pure Fluff

I just finished the original 1% of Anything and I was wondering what other dramas are there that I don't have to get too invested into the plot and would be light watch that I can sit back and enjoy. Also I've watched most dramas 2014 onwards. Edit: I'm including the dramas I've already watched in this genre. I realized a little late I should have done that. Sorry. Also can't seem to figure how make this a list so you'll have to put up with a continuous list. *DoTS *Divorce Lawyer In Love *Doctors *Exo Next Door *Falling For Innocence *Go Hos Starry Night *Weightlifting Fairy KBJ *Hearstrings *Baek Hee Has Returned *Beautiful Gongshim *Marriage Not Dating *Because Its the First Time *My Princess *Tomorrows Cantabile *Noble, My Love *Oh My Venus *Sassy Go Go *Secret Garden *She Was Pretty *Shopping King Louis *Something About the 1% (Old and New) *Strong Woman.... *Sweet Stranger and Me *Sweet, Savage Family *The eccentric DIL *A Gentlemans Dignity *You're Beautiful *Witchs Romance *Dating Agency Cyrano *Cinderella and the Four Knights *Better Man *Rich Man Poor Woman *Totsuzen Desu Ga, Ahita Kekkon Shimasu *Love O2O *Boss and Me *Go Princess Go *Stay With Me * Hogus Love *Oh My Ghostess
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2017.03.17 05:14 taeyeontaeoff favorite snsd drama?

right now I'm watching Dating Agency Cyrano, and I was thinking how good of an actress sooyoung is. of all the dramas that snsd members have done, which is your favorite? I'm gonna have to go with Love Rain. it pulled me In, and I was literally telling my friends and family the plot, asking them what they would do in that situation hahaha
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2017.01.27 07:58 mawiee List of Recommendations for Older Male Lead/Oppa Romances

Hello everyone! I’m a fellow k-drama enthusiast and also fairly new to this subreddit. I wanted to contribute to this subreddit somehow, so I’ve decided to make a list about my favorite pairing: the older male lead/age gap! I’ll do my best to make this as organized as possible and edit it anytime I find any new dramas. Please recommend some dramas or alterations to the list as well in the comments. Thank you! <3
+Everything marked “age gap” is dramas that acknowledge the male lead being older instead of it being implied.
++Everything marked as “love triangle” are dramas where both the second male lead and male lead are older than the female lead.
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2016.09.03 01:35 meloneee Comedy/different dramas? (watched dating agency cyrano and cheese in the trap)

loved both (except cheese got a bit.... shit somewhere in the middle) can anyone recommend similar dramas or just good comedy-ish dramas in general?
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2016.08.25 19:57 Celibalra Recommend Dramas!

Hi all, Celi here.
I'm searching for some more kdrama's to add to my watch list. I tend to gravitate to romcoms, melos and historicals but I'll watch anything as long as it isn't horrothriller. (I will admit to liking 부산행 though.)
This is a long post so I apologize in advance. Below you can find my seen list. Please recommend anything from old dramas to ongoing, if it's ongoing please just note that as I prefer to marathon them once they have finished airing. Recommend well known dramas as well as anything that you liked. The list isn't too organized, so sorry in advance. It started out pretty neat but these tables are a pain to edit.
200 Pounds Beauty 49 Days A Gentleman's Dignity A Hundred Years' Inheritance Angel Eyes
Angry Mom Baker King Kim Tak Goo Barefoot Friends Big Birth of a Beauty
Blood Boys Over Flowers City Hunter Coffee Prince Creating Destiny
Dating Agency: Cyrano Descendants of the Sun Doctor Stranger Dream High 1 & 2 Emergency Couple
Ex-Girlfriend Club Fated to Love You Flower Boy Next Door Flower Boy Ramen Shop Full House
Golden Rainbow Goong/Princess Hour Gu Family Book Heartstrings High Society
Hyde Jekyll & Me I Do, I Do I Miss You I Need of Romance I Really, Really Like You
I'm Sorry, I Love You Let's Eat - Season 1 Lie To Me Madame Antoine Manny
Marriage Contract Marry Him If You Dare Mary Stayed Out All Night Miss Korea My Fair Lady
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho My Love From Another Star My Princess Nail Shop Paris Oh! My Lady
Pasta Penny Pinchers Personal Taste Pinocchio Playful Kiss
Pretty Man/Beautiful Man Producer Project Makeover Protect the Boss Queen In Hyun's Man
Rooftop Prince Running Man Scent of a Woman Secret Garden Shining Inheritance
Shut Up Flower Boy Band Spellbound Stars Falling from the Sky Sensory Couple Faith
The Great Queen SeonDeok The Greatest Love The Heirs The King 2 Hearts The Legendary Witch
The Prime Minister and I The Princess's Man The Suspicious Housemaid The Thieves To The Beautiful You
Twenty Unemployed Romance Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2 We Have You Surrounded You're Beautiful
You're the Best Lee Soon Shin Oh My Ghostess Healer Yong Pal My Secret Hotel
Cheongdam-dong Alice Good Doctor Scholar Who Walks The Night Prosecutor Princess Moorim School
Princess Hwapyung's Weight Loss Reply 1997 Reply 1994 Reply 1988 One More Happy Ending
Birdie Buddy
Currently Watching
 Love Rain 
As you can see, longer dramas are no problems and short ones are okay too. I tend to prefer watching on Viki but if you recommend it please make sure that it's somewhere online with eng sub first! Tell me what your favorites are and watch I should watch next!
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2016.08.10 21:22 ClosetYandere Ahjussi Romance?

Hi everyone! You've always done me right over here, so I figured I'd tap your expertise again!
I am a sucker for May-December romance, or in this case, ahjussi romance.
I've seen The Prime Minister & I (and stuck through it even when it got silly), I'm watching Doctors (and am LOVING IIIIIT), and also watched Dating Agency Cyrano in which the OTP had, like, no chemistry.
So what's out there for me to enjoy? Are there some hidden gems I don't know about? Or maybe something on my to-watch list snuck it in somehow? Thanks in advance!
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2016.01.12 20:40 meloneee New to all this kdrama stuff, have some questions

So just recently i started watching cheese in the trap (it's my second ever kdrama, before that ijust watched dating agency:cyrano because one of my favorite kpop idols was in it) so i have no clue about which sites are good etc.
Can anyone recommend a good sites where subs get released really fast? I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR EPISODE 4
If you have other tips or drama recommandations i'll gladly listen too!
Thanks in advance
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2016.01.12 20:23 meloneee New to all this kdrama stuff, have some questions

So just recently i started watching cheese in the trap (it's my second ever kdrama, before that ijust watched dating agency:cyrano because one of my favorite kpop idols was in it) so i have no clue about which sites are good etc.
Can anyone recommend a good sites where subs get released really fast? I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR EPISODE 4
If you have other tips or drama recommandations i'll gladly listen too!
Thanks in advance
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2015.01.27 08:20 BriskettBlue What are you favorite K-dramas or K-Movies?

I've watched a lot of them and I really don't know what to watch next. I feel like all the summaries of the advertised dramas on Dramafever, Viki and other sites are really general. I'd like to have some direct feedback. Here is what I have watched so far, it's gonna be a bit long...
K-Dramas: Boys over FLowers, Personal Taste, You're Beautiful, Coffee Shop Prince, Secret Garden, Princess Hours/goong, The Musical, Mary stayed out all night, Heartstrings, 1% of Anything, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Spring Time Waltz, City Hunter, My Princess, Lie to me, My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, Stars Falling from the Sky, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Shining Inheritance, Prosecutor Princess, King 2 Hearts, To the Beautiful You , Rooftop Prince, I Miss You , Heirs , My Love from Another Star, The Prime Minister and I, Bride of the Century, Shut up Flowerboy Band, Sweet 18, Emergency Couple, Angel Eyes, School 2013, Temptation (I really hated this one, I'm sorry), My Lovely Girl, Pinocchio, Love Cells, Birth of A Beauty.
Movies: Millionaires 1st Love, Springtime Bears, You're My Pet, Naughty Daughter in Law, 200 lbs of beauty, I'm a cyborg but that's ok, Do re mi fa so la si do, Baby and me, Innocent Steps, Finding Mr. Destiny, My Tutor Friend, My little Bride, Little Black Dress, 100 Days with mr arrogant, My boyfriend is type b, My sassy girl, Attack of the Pin up boys, The classic, he was cool, Cyrano Agency,Pennypinchers, The Man From Nowhere, Hwapyeong Princess's Weight Loss, Seducing Mr. Perfect, The Perfect Couple, A Wolf's Temptation, My Tutor Friend 2,My girlfriend is an agent, My Scary Girl, Daddy Long Legs, My Mighty Princess, Project Makeover, Lovely Rivals,Too Beautiful to Lie, Unstoppable Wedding, Tidal Wave, Spy Girl, She's on Duty, Always, Love so Divine, The Huntresses, A Little thing Called Love, Steal my Heart
Edit: commas.
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2014.10.26 15:02 flimjannery Comedy club in charges by the laugh

I found an article on the guardian that mentions a Barcelona comedy club with cameras on the backs of the seats monitoring your laughing - and charges by the laugh. Also photographs you laughing to upload to twitteinstagram/etc....
What do you think of this business model??
Here's a link to the guardian page I found this:
"Whenever the two types of disruption collide, it pays to highlight their mutual entanglement – if only to remind ourselves that the loud gospel of innovation has a darker, latent soundtrack. Most recently, they have collided in Teatreneu, a comedy club in Barcelona. Like many other cultural institutions in Spain, the club was faced with declining audience numbers after the country’s cash-strapped government, desperate for any additional revenue to close the holes in its budget, raised the ticket sales tax from 8% to 21%."
"Teatreneu’s administrators found an ingenious solution: partnering with the advertising agency Cyranos McCann, they fitted the back of every seat with fancy tablets that can analyse facial expressions. Under the new model, visitors enter the club for free but have to pay 30 cents for every laugh recognised by the tablet – with a cap of €24 (or 80 laughs) per show. A mobile app makes it easier to complete the payment; the overall ticket prices have reportedly gone up by €6. As a bonus, you can also share your smiling selfie with friends: the path from funny to viral has never been shorter."
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2014.06.23 07:04 peteyrave Bright Sooyoung smile from "Dating Agency: Cyrano"

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